Tax Return Preparation

Tax Return Preparation
Let CBC Inc. Prepare Your Taxes.

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Like many people, you may think about the federal income taxes you pay only at tax time. At that point, you find out whether the government owes you a refund or you owe the government more money for the year. Either way, maybe your overall tax liability could have been lower. Thatís where tax planning can help.

The earlier in the year you start planning, the more opportunities youíll have to cut your taxes. Yearly changes in the tax code make planning all the more important.

Tax ramifications are a major consideration in virtually every financial decision from personal to professional. Therefore, tax planning is an on-going process. CBC Inc. can help you with all your tax needs.

Tax Return Preparation

  • Corporate - Federal, State and Local
  • Personal - Federal, State and Local
  • Sales and Payroll Tax
  • Estates, Trusts & Gift Tax
  • Tax Issues

  • IRS audits
  • State & local tax audits
  • Collection matters
  • Sales & use tax matters
  • Payroll tax matters
  • Corporate reinstatements
  • We provide complete federal and state income tax preparation services for individuals and businesses, including tax preparation services for all states in the US.

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